Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to Never Easy...

Well, that was the day from hell.

I am sooo thankful for the fact that it is no longer Saturday. That was, like, THE worst. Uh. I mean. Emotionally draining and situationally unfortunate.

I'm losing my cool when it comes to the Never-Ending Illnesses of Wylie. Thursday he was fine. My best friend came over and we celebrated my recent birthday, and we all had a very lazy, family oriented day. We took Wylie to the park where he played on his favorite toy... the bench. He went to bed at a decent hour, and was still sleeping when I left for a parent workshop in the morning.

9 hours later, I arrived back home, tired, but eager to try new things with Wylie. I saw my hubby and opened my mouth to tell him about the workshop, but he cut me off. "Wylie's sick again..." he said gently. Still, it was a harsh blow. He has been in school for 6 months, and he has been ill enough to miss school at least once a month, This month it has been several days. He just got over something nasty. I yelled. "He has to go to school tomorrow!" I said angriliy to my husband. It was pretty absurd, you know, I always find myself having these conversations that are a little untimely. The exasperated "He knows 'doggie' but not 'mommy'" would be kinda funny if he were, like 8 months old. Now I'm grumbling about how much school he misses and he's barely 2.

Anyway. He did NOT go to school the next day. He woke up pretty miserable and hot and then slept for most of the day.

I went off to work, but got in a car accident before I made it there. Now I'm just kinda bummed out. I think I'll go to bed now.

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  1. WOW, what a day indeed. I hope Wylies is feeling better and that you managed to get some rest. Hopefully this week will be much better:)
    By the way I really like what you wrote in your blog description " I am no expert in Autism. I am just a mother on a mission to gain new knowledge and experience as I raise my child to be as happy and independent as possible." I feel the same way. So glad we came across each other's blog, I'm looking forward to reading more.