Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wylie went back to his doctor for the 2nd time this month and she said his ears looked pretty bad, so basically, I've learned my lesson. I feel pretty stupid, actually. I was just talking with another mom whose son was constantly sick, and she said it was his ears, and they were so bad, and she just did not know. Wylie was sick for a while. I mean this last time since... Friday. And it's early Thursday, but we will just say Wednesday. I know, I know, that doesn't sound long except when you think that just a week before that, he had been sick for about 3 weeks, and we'll just say "etc... etc..." so you get the point that he has spent many more days ill than well since last September. So anyway, for the time being, he is taking medicine and is feeling much better.

I really just popped on here because I was thinking about the first post I made about a month ago, trying to tally up how many words he knew. He is kinda cute now, and instead of 1 word requests he has kinda moved on to "More Ba-ba [Spongebob] Peez!" and he uses up and down almost always correctly ("Down Peez!"). I had no freaking clue he knew "chicken" (not as a farm animal, as McDonald's nuggets- um, don't judge) and "pen" (likes to write) and my hubby apparently thinks these are things I should know, judging by his response of sighs and eye rolls to my surprise. Haha.

I'm so glad he's feeling better. Hope it lasts. Friday he has a speech evaluation scheduled. He had one scheduled 3 weeks ago, but he was sick. I told him today he has to think about learning how to talk so he can say something like "Mommy, my ears hurt!" next time instead of crying and sleeping all day. Hopefully speech therapy will help.

Ugh. I'm kinda over February. Bet March will be better.

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