Sunday, February 6, 2011

Follow the thought: Sickness

I'm just crazy.

I go off on little tangents. My interests are blocked out in waves of mania.

Eh. I'm seriously considering approaching my doctor about some ADD meds. I suppose I don't know if I uh. Have ADD or not. I've just been feeling particularly spacey, lately. I mean, for me. As in, I'm usually feeling generally spacey, at least.

Ah, no matter. Do I regret cancelling on ECI? No, no. What good would THAT have done, Wylie has been, once again, violently ill for an extending period of time, interrupting enough scheduled activities as it is. ...I've exaggerated. He was fairly ill, I'd even say sicker than he was when he had the flu a month and a half ago, and it was for a full week. So far. He woke up Saturday morning feeling better than he had in days.

His crankiness and lethargy actually freaked me out. I felt incredibly vulnerable. I don't know if it was superstitious or reasonable or... But. His mood change, his behavior change, easily explained by being under the weather, brought on a fear of another regression. He got real weird with it, staring at his belly button all day, and zoning out in one spot. But he was just sick, and by today, although he wasn't 100%, he was playing and talking a bit. Being a little bratty about getting his way, but in his defense, like I said, he wasn't 100%.

He got pretty skinny in a week's time, too. Funny we were so sure he was going to be such a bruiser. He overshadowed all his little nursery mates, at a husky ten pounds at birth. Now he is just a skinny little flash of movement in my peripheral.

Good to see him on the move again today...

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