Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wylie and my husband and I are having a lazy day after many, many busy days. Good busy- lots of leisure along with the work. Wylie came home from school today and jumped right into silly fun- he spent an hour running around with a bubble gun that shoots out hundreds of bubbles when he pulls the trigger. After I took it away, because it was making a huge mess, he moved on to this ridiculous toy keyboard his godfather bought for him, that is shaped like a big cat and the notes are different pitches of "meows."

Today is not a day for repetitive drills and sitting at a table.  Wylie really hasn't needed that kind of structure lately- he is just "getting it" lately. He's curious and eager to show off- walking around pointing out objects and his new knowledge of colors. We have learned so much through play and fun around the house. We can be goofy and he can be a kid. Can't get any better than this.

He calls me "mommy" now. Wylie sees a picture of his dad's CHIN in a photo, and he perks up and says "Da Da!" He knows the dogs' names. But up until very recently, like within the last week, he hasn't called me anything. He has repeated phrases such as "Mama, what are you doing?" before and has called me "Mama" when prompted, but now he calls me "mommy" and I could just cry every time I hear it, but I just breathe in all the joy and run with it. No time for emotional reflection now. We are on a roll.

He has resisted a nap right now and has agreed to sit quietly and watch his Baby BumbleBee Colors Video. Look, I've heard all the stuff about Baby Einstein and similar videos rotting children's brains, but Wylie has struggled SOO much with his colors and now he is finally learning. His favorite color seems to be Black! He likes saying it, at least. (Shrug).

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