Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm a little surprised with myself.

I'm all bent out of shape over the ignorant comments of some high school student. She is completely ignorant. She is completely wrong. She's really of, like, little value to me and it was really not necessary to educate her because she kinda means nothing to me (we're not friends or peers, I mean, I have no intention of nurturing our accidental relationship), but maybe because I've been all gung ho about defending "autism awareness month" I felt it noble to live up to my promise to try to educate people.

She actually sounded like she was looking for an answer. I listened to her prattle on about some kid from her school, who she "knew" "must have been" "mentally retarded." But, but, she was puzzled! He talked in a high pitch voice, made strange, repetitive movements, had an awkward gait, but his vocabulary was advanced. He seemed to have uneven skills. How strange this obviously mentally retarded person was!

...That isn't even what bothered me. It was her complete rejection of my response, which was rather polite, if I do say so myself. When I suggested her assumption about other individuals' mental capabilities may be off base, she rolled her eyes and got sarcastic, and then explained to me how very smart she was.

...Wow. Writing this out was very theraputic. I feel better now. Haha. I mean writing it out, I realize it's her problem, and not mine.

I think I'm officially over Autism Awareness for a while, anyway. I have no heart for it anymore.

Wylie was cute and clingy with me tonight. I kind of brushed him off to finish a school assignment, and told daddy to hang onto him (we were all in the same room together.) His whining and frustration with his father was irresistible, however, and I let him climb up on my lap while I struggled to reach the keyboard.


  1. How old is this girl? She sounds young and immature. Maybe a few years down the line she'll be older and wiser and cringing at how she used to think she knew it all but really knew nothing. Hope so, anyway!

  2. She's young, for sure, maybe seventeen, eighteen. But call me naive- I didn't remember that kind of bullying going on or being accepted at that age. It was heartbreaking. Here's hoping to her growing up, and maybe I should just take comfort that I tried to give her a heads up.