Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day in the Life

So Wylie and I are sitting on the floor playing in a living room while my father is watching TV in the same room. Wylie has a deck of cards, that instead of typical suits has pictures of Spongebob characters, spread out on the floor. He picks up a card with a picture of a snail on it.

"Gary!" he cries rather enthusiastically.

"That's right, Wylie, that's Gary," I say.

"Is that Gary? Did he pick out Gary?" my father asks me, a bit surprised.

"Oh, yes, he knows ALL his Spongebob characters. Watch!" I pick up a picture of the squid and show Wylie. "Who is this?"

His face brightens. "Wuh-Wur!"

"Yeah, that's Squidword!" We try a few more. Ba-Ba (Spongebob), Pa-pri (Patrick), Annie (Sandy).

"Wow! That's pretty impressive, Little Man!" my father tells Wylie.

"Mmm hmm!" I say, with light hearted sarcasm. "Wylie, where's your 'Mama'?"

He thinks for a second, then points to himself and cries, "Mama!" My dad howls with laughter.